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School Uniform

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Why School Uniforms? 


  • Put each student on a level playing field, regardless of socio-economic class (similar to what the ihram does for the muhrim)
  • Help to create a sense of unity among students, foster the building of a community, give students a sense of belonging and school pride
  • Provide students with a sense of being in a professional environment, one where discipline is valued
  • Reduce the cost parents/guardians spend on buying school clothing
  • Reduce peer pressure, by cutting down on students wanting to wear the latest designer clothing
  • Reduce time in getting ready for school each day
  • Improve school safety, by having staff quickly identify students versus intruders.
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The School Uniform


Grades Top Pants Other
JK – 4     White golf shirt (short or long sleeved) or White dress shirt (short or long sleeved) Navy blue dress pants     Navy blue long sleeved zipped hoodie, cardigan or vest (with school logo)
5 – 8       Navy blue long sleeved pullover hoodie (with school logo)
9 – 12     Baby blue golf shirt (short or long sleeved) or Baby blue dress shirt (short or long sleeved)     Black dress pants     Black long sleeved pullover hoodie (with school logo)
  • All tops must bear the school logo.  
  • All tops must have a collar (i.e. t-shirts are not acceptable tops)
  • All undershirts must be all-white or all-black (with no pictures – exception, Salaheddin Tees)
  • Boys may wear a clean all-WHITE thawb (with no visible thread design, white or otherwise) instead of their regular tops on Fridays only (the school’s uniform pants must still be worn under)


JK – 4     White long sleeved top     Navy blue jumper     Plain white, 1 or 2 piece hijab with no designs or accessories (Grade 7/8) may wear a large one piece     Navy blue dress pants (no tights)     Navy blue long sleeved zipped hoodie, cardigan (with school logo)
5 – 8     Navy blue abaya (plain with no designs)         Navy blue long sleeved pullover hoodie (with school logo)
9 – 12     Black abaya (plain with no designs)     Plain black, 1 or 2 piece hijab with no designs or accessories     Navy blue or black dress pants under abaya     Black long sleeved pullover hoodie (with school logo)
  • All under hijab covers must match the hijab colour (and as a whole may not be accessorized in any way)
  • All abayas must be loose fitting, closed at the front and go down to at least the ankles
  • Abaya may be worn in earlier grades (i.e. before grade 5) (n.b. skirts are not permitted uniform for any grade)
  • All clothing must follow Islamic dress code (even on dress-down days, school events etc.)
  • Elementary girls may wear a clean all-BLACK abaya (with no designs) on Fridays only but must still wear their uniform pants and white hijab.
Islamic School Scarborough Markham Toronto


  • All clothing must follow the Islamic dress code.
  • All non-school logo clothing must be taken off while in the building between 9am – 3:20pm.
  • Non-school colored pants, pajamas, jeans, cargo pants, jackets, or athletic wear are not acceptable as uniform (even if worn under an abaya or thawb). 
  • Students are expected to wear (preferably black) sneakers (which have non-mark soles) that fit properly, with socks.  
  • Girls cannot wear high heel shoes. 
  • Sandals/slippers and the like are also not permissible footwear, for either boys or girls.
  • No item of clothing should display any logos, designs, or thread color different from the color of the uniform unless otherwise authorized by the school (e.g. Salaheddin Islamic School embroidered emblem etc.). 
  • Uniforms are to be worn both during school time and while on school trips unless otherwise authorized not to do so. 
  • Hoods must not be worn while inside the building. 
  • Students are expected to come to school with their uniform clean and presentable at all times.


Elementary School Toronto


  • All hair is cut to one level (low), and combed neatly;
  • Hair style should not contain any designs, lines etc.;
  • Cannot wear gold, nor earrings of any kind, or anything resembling girls (e.g. necklaces, etc.).


  • Hair should not be showing, made up into a high bun, like the hump of a camel;
  • Hijabs must be tied properly and tightly, in order to cover all of the head, including the hair, neck, chest, and ears (n.b. no draping, no turbans, etc.);
  • Cannot wear make-up, eyeliner, eyelash extensions, lipstick, nail coverings (including elongated nails), etc..
Islamic School Scarborough Markham Toronto

All Students

  • Students may change out of their uniform for physical education class, but the attire must continue to properly cover the student’s awrah, based upon Islamic law.
  • Face, eyes, ears and nose are to be washed and cleaned before coming to school;
  • Mouth should be cleaned before coming to school;
  • Nails are trimmed and clean;
  • Wearing a presentable school uniform during each school day;
  • Shawls are not permitted to be worn while in the building during school hours;
  • Socks are clean and doesn't smell (bad);
  • Only clear contacts may be worn if chosen to be used (sunglasses are not to be worn in school);
  • Not wearing any hats (except masjid hats for the boys) while in the building;
  • Clothing are all labeled (suggested).

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